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Known Issues

Known issues and limitations...

Unsupported features and usage

In-place editing

When write access is allowed on a device (device must support it and original file/directory structure is in use), only uploading/copying files to the device is supported. Any attempt to edit a file directly, in-place, on the MTPdrive mapped drive letter may cause unexpected results/errors, specially when using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.

Running under Virtual Machine

Running MTPdrive under a Virtual Machine is not supported.

MTPdrive is not compatible with PTPdrive

The MTPdrive is not compatible with the PTPdrive and thus they cannot be installed together on one computer.

Direct access to device's raw filesystem

The MTPdrive provides access to the files/directories on a device through "virtual" filesystem, it cannot access device's raw filesystem directly. For this reason it cannot be used by any recovery software requiring access to the device's file system sectors directly.

Known Issues

Directory move does not work

Moving a directory from one location on a device to a different location on the same device may not be supported by your device. If it is the case, an attempt to move it will result in an "Access denied" error.

A workaround is to copy the directory somewhere to a different/local drive, delete it on the device, and then copy it back to the new location on the device.

Cache content invalidated by directory rename

A directory renamed on the device causes invalidating its content in the local MTPdrive cache. This forces the MTPdrice to re-download any file previously cached in that directory, if it is accessed again.

File manager temporarily freezes when browsing directories with lots of files

When browsing a directory containing many files your file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer, command-line) may freeze for a moment. This is because the MTPdrive has to collect information about all the files/directories in that particular directory, before the result is returned back.

To alleviate this symptom open the 'MTPdrive Settings' application, highlight your device in the Profiles list, select "Original" Filesystem structure, click at "Settings", and in there mark/check the "Fill the directory content..." option.

Copying files to device from command-line does not work properly

Uploading/copying a file to a device from command-line (e.g. using 'copy' command) does not produce any error but the file is not properly stored (the file content is empty).

The device's directory where the copy/upload is made to needs to be fully populated, but using progressive filling of the directories (see known issue above) can cause its not fully done and may result in this problem. To fix this open the 'MTPdrive Settings' application, highlight your device in the Profiles list, select "Original" Filesystem structure, click at "Settings", and in there UNmark/UNcheck the "Fill the directory content..." option.