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Drive Letter

The MTPdrive maps MTP devices to a drive in the Microsoft Windows, allowing any application to access files in the device, including command-line and scripts based:

Command-Line Support

The MTPdrive includes a command-line interface allowing mapping/unmapping MTP devices via scripts:

'MTPdrive' application

'MTPdrive Settings' application

This is a Control Panel applet for configuring all the MTPdrive functionality. It's accessible from the Windows Control Panel or by clicking at 'Settings' button in the 'MTPdrive' application.

PROFILES - Provides a way to customize each device through a profile. A device profile gets created automatically once a device is mapped to a drive letter for the first time.

Available device profile settings:

SETTINGS - Global settings not specific to any device.

Available global settings:

ABOUT - Shows additional information about the product.

Available information:

'Filename Format Builder' application

Windows Explorer Integration